The Walking Dead (Telltale stories)

When you think about video games, the first thing that pops into mind is the action. Most popular titles are action-packed and have impressive graphics that are almost 100% real. Some titles are able to push things further, like GTA V, which has raised the bar for video games forever.

Some game titles, however, are able to attract new players without the standard features you would expect. In the sea of high graphics and non-stop action, making a title that can attract players through the storyline, rather than the gameplay is a tough task. TellTale Games have the right approach and that is exactly what they did.

The Walking Dead series as inspiration


If you are not familiar with the series, it’s set in a post-apocalyptic world of today where zombies (or walkers as they call them) took over every street and every town. All of the people in this world are struggling to find food and shelter from the walkers. People are an even bigger threat as they pillage and attack others to get those precious supplies.

The world is full of hungry zombies, angry and hostile people, and danger is lurking around every corner. The setting tells many different stories of survivors, and the game shows you what one of the groups lived through.


This is a completely story driven game that brings a new plot twist to the world of The Walking Dead. The emphasis is on character development, rather than the graphics. The game is made to bring that comic book feel to life, which is why the graphics resemble pages from the novel.

You don’t have to be a seasoned gamer to play this game because it’s mostly point and click. Every episode brings a new happening and a new character to the story. The outcome of each episode depends on the decisions you made on the way. You can play the game ten times and have different story twists on the way every time. It’s a game you must try!