Quake III Arena – The game that changed FPS multiplayer forever

First Person Shooters are perhaps the most popular multiplayer games after LoL and maybe Dota 2. New FPS titles come out every year and most of them feature a multiplayer platform. Most of these games look alike, but some titles are those that make a difference for all such games to come.

dota2Medal Of Honor and Call of Duty were both revolutionary in a way when they hit the market, but nothing made a bigger difference in FPSs than Quake III Arena. This game was a total boom when it came out and it made a huge difference in how people played first person shooters. it is without a doubt one of the most legendary video games ever. But what were the new revolutionary things it brought?

A completely different experience

Quake III Arena is the third game in the Quake franchise and it is probably going to be remembered as the biggest and most revolutionary FPS of all times. The first thing that was completely new to most players was the super-fast paced gameplay. Players get to run and shoot a variety of different weapons while running and jumping all over the arena.

The guns were amazing, the maps were incredible, but most importantly, the game had a huge replay value and the gaming experience keeps evolving with time. That is crucial because it’s the primary reason why gamers around the world played the game for years without stopping.

When it comes to in-game action, Quake III was unsurpassed for ten years. The multiplayer maps are responsible for half of the experience because they were constructed brilliantly. You get to fight against your enemies in deep underground caves, space stations, futuristic churches, and even dungeons. The maps are also riddled with secrets. They can give you a significant boost and help you dominate other players, that is if you know where to find them.

It is simply legendary

You probably can’t find an 80’s kid that doesn’t know about Quake III Arena. The game is so legendary, the team behind it has come together after more than 15 years to make a new Quake game called Quake Champions. The BETA is online and it’s better than I can explain in words. You have to try it.