Things to Know When Starting Quake Champions

So, we are only a couple of months away from the release of the new and improved Quake game. The sequel is called Champions and it brings the old school Quake III Arena experience in a more modern and complex way. The game is only available in a closed BETA at the moment, but here are the things you should know about Quake Champions before you start playing it when it’s released.

It’s Free!

Unlike most modern video games, especially successful franchises are usually pay to play, but not Quake Champions from id Software. The company wants to bring the game back with a bang it made last time, which is why it’s free to play for anyone who wants to try it. Micro transactions are the only thing that cost money.

Learn the maps by heart

Knowing your surroundings and how to use them to your advantage is the most important thing about this game. Find a spot where you can apply your tactic and dominate every map. It will take some time to master, however, but you’ll get there.

Rocket Jumping For The Win

Rocket Jumping is a trick that’s used across many different FPS games. You have to aim the rocket launcher at your feet and shoot it at the same time you jump. The explosion will then propel you higher than usual, but you’ll use some health on the way. You will have to use this tactic to reach sweet spots in Quake Champions.

quake champions

Stay On The Move

If you played Quake before, you know that moving is crucial. Staying on the move will increase your chances of being the champion, but mastering shooting and moving while jumping can be a difficult task. Just try to strafe all the time. You will be history if you don’t move.

Daily Missions

The game system in Quake Champions will push you through a bunch of daily missions. Complete them on time and you’ll be awarded loot boxes and various in-game items you can later use to your advantage. You never know what awesome stuff can appear in those boxes.