Professional Gamers Are True Gladiators

As technology progressed, so did video games. They became more complex, they got better graphics, and many titles turned to multiplayer. People from around the world started competing in these online games, which has eventually resulted in the creation of the eSports league.

This is a league dedicated to the most popular online games where teams and individuals from around the planet come together to face off in the arena. These guys are true professionals who have dedicated their lives to get better in video games. They are true warriors that spend hours practicing their moves and tactics every day before they try them in the arena. But, why?

Playing games to earn a living

Like with other sports, professional gamers are paid to play their favorite video games. They have sponsors that supply them with everything they need to keep the edge over their opponents. That includes everything from hardware, software, and even accessories in-game and in real life. Some of them are making millions today, but the road to glory was a tough one for most. I will tell you a story of a team of Gladiators who came out of the shadows to win the eSports world cup in 2015.

David and Goliath – Serbia against the World

The year was 2015 and the eSports team championship was on the way. This was the 7th IeSF eSports world championship and it took place in South Korea. Teams from all over the world faced each other in League of Legends, Starcraft 2, and Hearthstone. South Koreans were playing home and we all know that they are the most dominant nation in e Sports. China and Japan were also attending and were thought of as favorites.


Serbia is a small third world country in Europe and it’s not that famous when it comes to eSports. No one knew about most of these players, which turned out to be their best trick. The guys from Serbia brought a completely new way of playing these games and that helped them dominate the other countries and win the overall gold medal.

They were champions of Hearthstone, came in third in LoL, and got the 8th place in Starcraft 2. When you add those standings together, Serbia was the best overall ranked country and got the gold medal for it.

The 2015 IeSF championship was a true David and Goliath scene as the Serbs took the overall gold. Even the organizers were surprised by what these young semi-pro gamers had to show. The only teams better than them in Starcraft 2 were the Koreans and the Chinese, both well known for their skills in this game.

Winners never give up

Getting to the pro level of gaming isn’t easy. It takes a lot of practice and comes after hundreds, maybe even thousands of failures.  Stay on track and keep your goal in sight, like a true warrior. Never lose morale and get yourself up after every loss. Maybe history repeats itself and you get to hold the world eSports trophy like the young lads from Serbia. Dream big, be fearsome, conquer the world.